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My mission is to inspire and empower black women to become wealthy by learning how money works and how to make the Money work for them.
Today I  am  one of Britain’s leading female property investors. I was featured on the UK’s  prime time TV Channel 4 ‘The Secret Millionaire’, and I continue to make a name for myself in the media as a Personal Financial Educator, Property Investor, Entrepreneur, and Inspirational Speaker. Sign Up for my Free Newsletters

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Caroline Marsh

Growing up, I was not very academic and of course all I heard was that education was the key to success. In fact, my math’s teacher, who never liked me because I was bad at mathematics, would say “Mwansa, (my maiden name) you will never amount to anything because without mathematics you are nothing!” I don’t know where you are now, but I do know that we start by identifying our limiting beliefs, tackling them, rewriting our story and pursuing our destiny. Inside of us are God-given abilities that can help to transform not just your life, but those of your generation. The Bible calls us to renew our minds.

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Caroline Marsh

Do you desire financial freedom and success to live the life you deserve? Do you desire wealth so you can impact your world?  you’re in the right place!

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My success story: Inside you is potential to do even greater things. Your obstacles can act as springboards in achieving financial success. Never underestimate your gifts, talents, heritage, culture, gender and ethnicity, thats what carries the power to create the unique YOU

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Caroline Marsh is one of Britain’s leading female property investors and an inspiration to thousands. In Autumn 2008 Caroline was catapulted into the media limelight, when she was featured on prime-time Channel 4 television as a philanthropic ‘Secret Millionaire’. Throughout her life, Caroline has consistently demonstrated resilience, determination, integrity, passion, leadership, creativity and generosity