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What’s holding you back?

Success in life is something we usually think about as an accomplishment somewhere in our future, but why wait?
Your personal success is in the actions of this moment. Take action today in accomplishing your goals, dont be afraid to fail, learn from your mistakes, they are just obstacles you have to overcome before you eventaully achieve your desired result.

About 4 years ago, I was terrified to pick up the phone and speak to an estate agent, I was painfully shy. Having a good Mentor really helped,  he knew that the more i did it the more confident i would get, so he encouraged me to kept at it . Today I have no trouble at all,  I know the name of the game and keep learning and mastering the skill. What ever is holding you back deal with it and Create your world of possibilities.

Create your world of possibilities.

Stay blessed and Have a great week

Caroline Marsh

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Caroline MarshWhat’s holding you back?
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Have fun while you earn!

Living to earn is very different from earning a living. With the latter, you can be more adventurous. Life can be more fun, especially when you are pursuing the things that you really like and earning money in the process. This is the reason why people who have chosen an unlikely route just so they can earn good amount of cash will likely feel the downside of their decision at some point on their lives.
As you reflect on 2010 and plan on 2011, I encourage you to start finding your passion and incorporate in your work.
“A work with passion expresses fulfilment”

Stay blessed

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Caroline MarshHave fun while you earn!
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Reminds me of the day that turned my life around

How exciting to see so many people’s eyes being opened to a world of entrepreneurship! It reminded me of my own journey 4 years ago when i was just a stay home.
It’s amazing how small steps lead to major accomplishments in life, if you had asked me 5 years ago where would I be today, am not sure the answer would have been a successful business owner.
I believe its because i took one decision to change the direction of my life, i believe its not too late for you too to do the same today not tomorrow but today, if you put it off the birds will take the opportunity.

I believe we are created in the image of God with the ability to create our world of possibilities, It was a pleasure to share my passion which is ” inspire for Action, Empower for Success” Find your passion and incorporate your passion in your work!
Go to work on your gifts and bring your value to the market place just a few simple choices, the choices we make today determine the tomorrows we make!

Stay blessed and stay in touch!

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Caroline MarshReminds me of the day that turned my life around
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Concept To Cash Millionaire Bootcamp count down……

Its getting closer and closer! only a few days left, a chance to share my secret on how to go from “concept to cash in just 90 Days”.

Incase you missed my invitation I am going to be speaking at “The Millionaire Bootcamp for Women” at Trafalgar Square, London, on 26th, 27th and 28th November… and I want you to be there.

I have a few free tickets left, take advantage of this great opportunity to learn from some of the worlds female entrepreneurs.

Get a ticket for yourself or a woman friend now at:

Looking forward to Seeing you there!

Caroline Marsh

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Caroline MarshConcept To Cash Millionaire Bootcamp count down……
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Fortune MagazineThe 50 Most Powerful Women

Hey Ladies,

This one is for you, I got my Fortune Magazine October issue and thought of sharing the article, its basically celebrating 50 most powerful women.

These women are ranging from Movie stars, Heads of States, Entrepreneurs, Fashion Artists, Politicians, Sports Women etc

Incase you are wondering why on earth I am sharing this, Its simply to inspire you that yes its possble for you too to become one of the most powerful women, what exactly is your passion, only you can fulfil your purpose, its never too late until you think its too late

Check them out and you Go MAKE A DIFFERENCE Too!

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Caroline MarshFortune MagazineThe 50 Most Powerful Women
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A Millionaire Mindset

A “Millionaire Mindset”

I have always believed that you reap what you sow in life, but until I began to set up my own property business, I didn’t fully appreciate just how much success comes down to the way you think and your attitude to life. I used to have real issues about money and people who were wealthy. What I came to learn is that money can be a reward for the amount of service that you provide to other people. That is not to say that there are not people who help, support and give value to others who do not get paid well or at all. My visit to Liverpool and the work I am involved with through my church taught me that a long time ago. What I realised was that many of peoples problems can be assisted greatly with money and I wanted to create greater wealth for my family so that I could be in a stronger position to support my community and others in need.

I get some of my greatest satisfaction in life from inspiring other people to “BE More, DO More, HAVE More and GIVE More” in life. I believe every single person has untapped potential within them, and that, with the right support and people around them, and a willingness to better themselves and to learn and develop as a person, they can release this potential for greater happiness, health and wealth in their lives. If you are the kind of person who believes you have untapped potential I have a free gift for you, my Blue Print “7  Secrets of Success” go to home page and get your free copy. I look forward to hearing from you.

Caroline MarshA Millionaire Mindset
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What an exciting year!

I am having such an extraordinary year!

Ever since i appeared on Channel 4 “Secret Millionaire” , people have been asking me to coach and mentor them in business, even though its been my greatest intention to help, i have not had the right tools in place.

I have since been inspired by a lot of people to systematize tools, am so excited that I can make even more of a difference to a wider audience.

I am soon going to launch Secrets of Success mentoring programme in a way that everyone can learn, using a system.

Dates to be posted shortly.

Caroline MarshWhat an exciting year!
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Create Your World of Possibilities!

It’s been a while since my last update, for no other reason than I’ve just been so busy! The summer has come and (almost) gone, with not much time for holiday, but I’m still thoroughly enjoying everything I’m doing.

I’m spending more time now giving talks to groups of young people, helping them see what the possibilities are for them out there and hopefully inspiring and encouraging them to fulfil their potential. One of the messages I’m trying to get across to them is there’s nothing to lose by trying something, and you’ll find that if you just ask people for help and advice, most of them will say yes. I’ve met some very smart, bright and positive youngsters who have just never been shown that there are opportunities for them to take their ideas and passions forward and make a difference to their own lives, while positively affecting those around them.

Things have moved forward with the 4 Children charity and I’m now part of the Family Commission, a campaign chaired by Esther Rantzen, which will run for 18 months, focusing on the real needs of families in the community. I’ve also been travelling around the country with the ‘Make Your Mark’ team, helping judge the Enterprising Britain competition, to find the most enterprising place in the UK. The regional winners will all be at the awards ceremony in London in October, where I’ll be part of the final judging panel. I’m also hoping to work with Vodafone, helping promote their ‘World of Difference’ campaign, which encourages and supports young people in volunteering for various charities. And I’ve recently become an Ambassador for Have A Heart (formerly GWR Kids) in Wiltshire, and will be working for the next few months to encourage local businesses to partner with the charity. I’m sure there will be a good response – I’m already working with Zurich and other organisations in Swindon to promote working with their local communities, and the response has been really positive. It’s good to see that, even in times of recession, so many businesses out there are still keen to operate with a principle of giving back.

On a personal level, I’ve started my own coaching business and so far have helped 3 friends start up their own businesses, using their unique talents and gifts. I am now running sessions in Swindon for small groups and putting together coaching materials, based on my own experiences.

I can’t believe how things have changed for me in the last year and how many wonderful people I’ve been lucky enough to meet, all around the UK. I don’t think we realise how much untapped potential and how many good ideas and good people there are in Britain. It makes me very hopeful for the future.

Finally, please don’t forget that it’s Peace Day on Monday September 21st. If you haven’t already come across the amazing Peace One Day cause, here is an introduction, and I would urge you to visit the website, which has all sorts of educational resources you can download to spread the word and awareness of this global day of peace.

In 1999, filmmaker Jeremy Gilley dreamed that one day all the countries of the world would unite in recognising a specific day in the year as a day of ceasefire and non-violence. In 2002, the 21st September was officially ratified by the U.N. as International Peace Day and adopted by its 192 member states.

Jeremy’s latest film, ‘The Day After Peace’ has been screened in over 90 countries, and the 2008 Peace One Day concert, held at the Albert Hall, has been seen by an estimated 250 million people. The next major objective is to introduce 3 billion people to Peace Day by 2012.

You can help Jeremy achieve his goal simply by making everyone you know aware that the day exists and marking it every year, in even such a small way as lighting a candle.

God Bless,


Caroline MarshCreate Your World of Possibilities!
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“You measure yourself by the people who measure themselves by you”

On Tuesday 24th March I went to Westminster to be part of the judging panel for the Enterprising Young Brits Awards 2009. The annual competition is open to anyone aged 30 or under who has made their idea happen in an new, innovative or inspiring way. Twenty finalists had been chosen, and it was just so hard to pick winners for each of the five categories, but absolutely amazing to see how young people are taking the lead and creating a world of possibilities, despite all the negative talk about the economy. It was so encouraging seeing such great ideas and creativity from children as young as 14. I also really enjoyed meeting Alistair Darling, who presented the awards, and Miles Templeman, the Director General of the Institute of Directors.

Below are pictures of me with the winners, the other judges and Alistair Darling, and also with Adam Duffy, who won the Creative category, with his customisable fashion footwear business, Looks Can Kill.

And then on the 21st April I’m back in London for the ‘Make Your Mark with a Tenner’ awards lunch. The young winners of the enterprise scheme, who achieved the most profitable, innovative and socially responsible business ideas, will be there, as will my favourite ‘Dragon’, Peter Jones! I had a great time helping launch the campaign in January, and it’s an honour to be invited to this celebration of young business talent networking opportunity.

I am also having lots of meetings with people who are either looking for someone to speak to various different young and business-orientated groups, or are keen to talk directly with me about the best and most profitable way to approach property investing in the current market, and I have to say, I’m thoroughly enjoying each and every one.

Until the next update remember that “You measure yourself by the people who measure themselves by you.” Take the lead, and try to make a difference and be an inspiration to someone every day.

Stay blessed,


Caroline Marsh“You measure yourself by the people who measure themselves by you”
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