Thinking of Starting your own business?

Are you thinking about starting your own business? Do you a passion, an idea the market needs?

I was at the business start up show yesterday and it was such a great event. As a speaker, I was wowed at the number of people that came to learn about entrepreneurship. One of the keys I adopted when I started my own property business was becoming a life long learner. The journey of success requires for you to acquire, skills, tools, strategies continually. So if you are thinking about starting your own business,start by educating yourself about enterprise especially the industry you want to venture into.  Find out what works and what doesn’t, find people who are doing so well what you want to do and learn from them. Research shows that most small businesses fail in the first 2 years of operation due to :

1. Lack on Knowledge

2. Lack of Money

3. Lack of Support.

I also believe that in order for you to be successful you must :

Love what you do

Believe in what you do

Become excellent in what you do.

In as much as i was there to speak, it was also a great opportunity for me to learn about other business owners that where exhibiting, the place was packed with hope and possibilities.

If you missed the event and would like to access the 7 keys to Success powerpoint, then click on the link below.

Business Start up Presentation 

You can also join my Free Mentoring program here.

Stay Blessed and have a great weekend

Caroline Marsh

Ps if you have not read my book ” The 7 Secrets of Success”  get a Free copy now!


Caroline MarshThinking of Starting your own business?
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Decide to Design your Destiny

What an awesome year!

The next 40 days will be by far the best for the year “2012” i believe thats the same for you if you Decide to Design your Destiny.

My whole adventure started when we Launched Concept to Cash in Africa and Canada. I soon realised I could help more and more people (my purpose).

I just came back from from Australia and New Zealand last week after Launching Gem Women. The experiences have demonstrated the power to create with words of faith.  

The key is REVELATION, revelation knowledge of the power within you, revelation knowledge of your potential, and revelation knowledge of what is possible for you. So get revelation on your purpose and begin to influence in your sphere ( the world you live in)

My mission is to Inspire (Speak life) words of truth, equip others with right tools, strategies on realising their purpose driven dreams.

What is your mission ? if you have not yet connected with purpose then email me and we can start the journey.

You have within you all you need to become who you were created to be, the only thing that stops many is REVELATION

My new word from my mentor Dr Pat Francis is intentionality. Be intentional about everything. My intention for this mail was to stir something within you that no matter what the last 10 months have been the next 4o days could be the best of your 2012. What you need is revelation knowledge, not just information.  Decide today to Design your Destiny. 

Join me at the “rule your world” conference on the 27th Nov. There has never been an event such as this, in the history of man, Dr Pat will be share strategic leadership keys.

“You are powerful with the potential for DOUBLE POWER” Dr Pat Francis 

Revelation is simply revealing what is already there, its just been covered. Your job is to find out what is covered and uncover 


This friday I will be at the business start up show, I will be speaking at 10:30am revealing the keys to my success and how possible it is for you too.

get yourself a free copy of my blueprint the 7 secrets of Success

Stay blessed and have an awesome week.


Caroline MarshDecide to Design your Destiny
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Talk about change in 24hours!

Amazing how your day could change in a matter of seconds! 

I was having lunch with one of my mentors, this was meant to be an hour conversation which ended up in a business deal that has revolutionised my life! 

lessons from my meeting:

1. You must cherish moments with people that inspire you, talk less and listen more, ask questions.

2. Develop an attitude of gratitude, you treat them:-), they are doing you a favour, don’t wait for them to pay for lunch, their time is far more precious than the lunch Serve before you can recieve

3. learn to serve before you can receive, be grateful for the time and all they share with you, ask them how you can serve them, do it as a token of thanks. 

I Had an awesome week and looking forward to an amazing weekend.

Canada was awesome, i love my new family in Canada!

Its all systems go since the Launch of Concept to Cash in Canada. I will have to own a home in Canada I loved it that much and will go there very often.

Now getting ready for Australia and New Zealand, our tour starts on the 23rd October through to November, we will share strategies on wealth creation and wealth retention for GEM Women (Global Entrepreneur Mastermind Women). If you are in the area or have a friend in Australia or New Zealand Check this  out, don’t miss the opportunity that could change your life around!

Have an awesome weekend, Now off to my new home! 

Stay blessed


I love my work!


Caroline MarshTalk about change in 24hours!
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Never Give Up….

I just had a call with one of my concept to Cash girls who encountered a challenge in her business. She called to say its tough and she cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel, well the thing is “I can see the light at the end of the tunnel”. 

Now we all know that saying. When times are hard and the situation seems hopeless, we usually turn a corner and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Before the call she figured that the light at the end of the tunnel was impossible. We talked and I did what i know to best  (find the solution by analysing the big picture). Guess what? We saw the light, She called me Genius!  🙂 i laughed because I am not a Genius, I have just found out how to see the light at the end of the tunnel. She still has more tunnel to go through and so does every business. In the dark, I’ve noticed the distance of the light is deceiving. Will I reach the opening today, tomorrow, next week, next month, or 2013? Hanging on is really tough some days but I still refuse to give up. 

What do you really see on the inside?

Whatever you are going through never give up but find solutions to the current challenge.

Stay blessed 


Get a free copy of my 7 secrets of success blueprint by visiting

Caroline MarshNever Give Up….
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The truth about me…..

Everything I know about myself, all my beliefs, are recorded on the hard drive of my personality, in my self-concept.What do you really see on the inside?

Your self-concept precedes and predicts your levels of performance and effectiveness in everything you do. Because of the law of correspondence, you always behave on the outside in a manner consistent with your self-concept on the inside. All improvement in your life therefore begins with an improvement in your self-concept.

You have an overall self-concept that is made up of all your beliefs about yourself and your abilities. This bundle of beliefs includes all the experiences, decisions, successes, failures, ideas, information, emotions and opinions of your life up to now.

This general self-concept determines how and what you think and feel about yourself, and measures how well you are doing in general. If you want to live life by design then you need to redesign your current design to support your desired lifestyle. Stop blaming and start creating.

Your Mini-Self-Concepts

You have a series of “mini-self-concepts” as well. These mini-self-concepts combine to make up your overall self-concept. You have a self-concept for every area of your life that you consider important. This mini-self-concept determines how you think, feel, and perform in that area. For example, you have a self-concept for how healthy and fit you are. You have a self-concept for how likable and popular you are with others. You have a self-concept for what kind of a spouse or parent you are, for how good a friend you are to your friends, how smart you are and how well you learn. You have a self-concept for every sport you play, and for every activity you engage in, including how well you drive your car.

You have a self-concept for how well you do your work, and for how well you do each part of your work. You have a self-concept for how much money you make and how well you save and invest it. This is a critical area. The fact is that you can never earn much more or less than your self-concept level of income. If you want to make more money, you have to change your beliefs about yourself relative to income and money.

Redesign your Self Concept…

Stay Blessed


Caroline MarshThe truth about me…..
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Lifestyle, Choice, Freedom, you name it….


My weekend update!

I am so passionate about seeing others create their world of possibilities, I simply love what i do and it gives me a sense of fulfilment everytime i do what others might call work, I call it lifestyle.

 Friday, saturday was hectic i had to get myself to London and speak at the Franchise Show.  First things first, I dropped of my son at School (which by the way I love to do and so does he when i drop him). 

The same weekend we had a strategic empowering session with my mastermind group, I am so proud of the group, they are really playing game to win its exciting to witness.

Back home Saturday evening and watched Roary the Racing car with my son and had a chuckle.

Sunday message was awesome. It was such a lovely day my loving husband took us for a lovely pub lunch in our local village.

I love what I do.

At the Franchise Exhibition show I shared my story that always reminds me of the day that my life turned around.

5 Years ago i was in that seat listening to a speaker (Steve Bolton) talk about starting a business in property and today I am that speaker, I stepped out in faith, very much afraid and did it any way. 

The one thing i know is that opportunity knocks at your door, but its whether or not you will open the door and allow opportunity to work through us.

This week i encourage you to pay attention to the opportunity knocking at the door of your life.

If you want to do what you love to do and are called to do then pay attention to opportunity

Stay Blessed


 If you do nothing else reread my blueprint “7 Secrets of Success” if you don’t have a copy visit

Caroline MarshLifestyle, Choice, Freedom, you name it….
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As a man thinks in his heart so is he!

 Work on the root not the Fruit.

A few years ago I began to work on personal and professional growth. I realised that the greatest challenge was my own thinking. I was operating from mind maps that led to the poor actions and undesirable results.

The surface idea is not the real thought, I am talking about paradigm, you might not even be aware of the current paradigm that determines the nature of your thinking. They are the real drivers giving you the results you have today. 

As you begin to work on yourself look to deal with the root not the fruit!

Stay Blessed


Caroline MarshAs a man thinks in his heart so is he!
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What are Your Business Fears?

“Today’s entrepreneur faces an environment of tremendous competition, complexity and opportunity, so starting a business the right way is more important than ever, especially when statistics say 90% of small businesses fail in their first 2 years of operation.

The entire process could take 90 days if you were really game, I have done it through a Business Mentoring program and so have other entrepreneurs I have worked with.

“So many people have watched their dream of owning their own business go out the window due to Fear, lack of money, lack of Knowledge, and lack of business support. 

Everyone I have ever talked to that is an entrepreneur has had to come face to face with their fears. I have had to as well, from a background of air hostess to property investor, initially fear gripped due to lack knowledge, but then i had the support of my business Mentor Steve Bolton, if am honest the thing about Steve was he believed in me and my desire to learn the craft, so guess what i did, embraced change and practiced the new skill, i fell a few times but he was holding my hand which my dad did when i was learning to ride a bike and eventually I mastered the craft. Don’t get me wrong I still have to learn but no loner in 1st grade or pre-prep, its called continuous education.

You have fears even if you don’t readily acknowledge them. They sometimes take the form of that chatter in the back of your head that says you can’t do it.

Fear is such a huge issue preventing people from becoming entrepreneurs. I have noticed when I have spoken at jam packed Seminars, that maybe 2-5% of people will actually go out and apply the knowledge and starting their business from their Passion. I am convinced that the rest are paralyzed by fear of some sort.

If you’re ready to give it a shot, be sure its something you love, believe in.

Find a Business Mentor who has been there done it to guide you through the maze, as i say stand on the shoulder of giants.


Caroline MarshWhat are Your Business Fears?
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What if you could make Millions doing what you love?

We have amazing, gifted, talented people in this country. I was a panel member during the  “Midas Touch”  at the Business Start up Show. It is very similar to the “Dragons Den”, people pitch their idea and you give feedback and invest of it is for you. Business Start up Midas Touch.We had pitches that have been birthed out of people’s Passions and they are solving huge problems and will make some serious cash and a difference to the wider community. I am a great believer that a work with passion often expresses fulfilment, and today I saw it. My question “could yours be the key to unlock your wealth”  if so, its not too late, come to Business start up at Excel today 20.05.11, this could be the day that turns your life around.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Ps. Don’t say i never told you, i am up at 3am to share with you the great opportunity if its to be, its up to you. am off to bed now!

Stay Blessed

Caroline Marsh

To learn how to take your business from Concept To Cash in 90 Days visit

or to get a copy of my blueprint 7 Secrets of Success visit

Caroline MarshWhat if you could make Millions doing what you love?
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Opportunity of Entrepreneurship

I was speaking at an amazing event yesterday at the London Metropolitan University, I was inspired by the number of Women whose passion is to have a successful business.

Clearly the current economy is waiting for courageous people to take the leap of faith and set up establishments that will help stabilise the economy. If nothing that was one clear message I got from all the speakers representing the Banks, Government, Community.

Interestingly a young lady asked a question which i think many people share and i want to answer in depth, what if you do not know what your passion is hat do you do and where do you start?

I am a great believer that a work with a Passion is one that expresses fulfilment.  One common theme in entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates and even Warren Buffet is that they are successful doing what they love, am sure when the going gets tough they still find a reason to persevere and push on.

If you want to live your life to the fullest, have the courage to be true to your passion and find the business that gives you the opportunity to do it. We are all put on this earth for a purpose.

Follow your heart and dreams on finding your passion.

The best place is start by looking at your strengths and asking yourself these questions.

What do you love to do?

What are you good at?

Your hobbies and interests tell so much about your strengths?

What do people compliment you on, or tell you that you do well?

What are you fascinated by? What intrigues you?

Where do you see the greatest injustice in the world? What really annoys you?

What topics do you search for online or research in libraries, you find most exciting?

List five jobs or full-time activities. paid or unpaid, that you have done in your life.

What experiences or situations have given you personal satisfaction a feeling of importance or self worth?

What are the activities or thoughts that absorb you the most you loose track of time?

If you could be in business, what do you think you would enjoy the most?

Visit the Business Start up Show, Franchise Show take a keen interest on reading articles in papers and notice what sort of things get you excited.

Hopefully this will get you thinking.


Ps.If you need anymore information or guidelines on how to take your passion from “Concept To Cash in 90 Days” email

To get a copy of my Blueprint the 7 Secrets of Success visit




Caroline MarshOpportunity of Entrepreneurship
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