Fortune MagazineThe 50 Most Powerful Women

Hey Ladies,

This one is for you, I got my Fortune Magazine October issue and thought of sharing the article, its basically celebrating 50 most powerful women.

These women are ranging from Movie stars, Heads of States, Entrepreneurs, Fashion Artists, Politicians, Sports Women etc

Incase you are wondering why on earth I am sharing this, Its simply to inspire you that yes its possble for you too to become one of the most powerful women, what exactly is your passion, only you can fulfil your purpose, its never too late until you think its too late

Check them out and you Go MAKE A DIFFERENCE Too!


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Caroline MarshFortune MagazineThe 50 Most Powerful Women
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Create Your World of Possibilities!

It’s been a while since my last update, for no other reason than I’ve just been so busy! The summer has come and (almost) gone, with not much time for holiday, but I’m still thoroughly enjoying everything I’m doing.

I’m spending more time now giving talks to groups of young people, helping them see what the possibilities are for them out there and hopefully inspiring and encouraging them to fulfil their potential. One of the messages I’m trying to get across to them is there’s nothing to lose by trying something, and you’ll find that if you just ask people for help and advice, most of them will say yes. I’ve met some very smart, bright and positive youngsters who have just never been shown that there are opportunities for them to take their ideas and passions forward and make a difference to their own lives, while positively affecting those around them.

Things have moved forward with the 4 Children charity and I’m now part of the Family Commission, a campaign chaired by Esther Rantzen, which will run for 18 months, focusing on the real needs of families in the community. I’ve also been travelling around the country with the ‘Make Your Mark’ team, helping judge the Enterprising Britain competition, to find the most enterprising place in the UK. The regional winners will all be at the awards ceremony in London in October, where I’ll be part of the final judging panel. I’m also hoping to work with Vodafone, helping promote their ‘World of Difference’ campaign, which encourages and supports young people in volunteering for various charities. And I’ve recently become an Ambassador for Have A Heart (formerly GWR Kids) in Wiltshire, and will be working for the next few months to encourage local businesses to partner with the charity. I’m sure there will be a good response – I’m already working with Zurich and other organisations in Swindon to promote working with their local communities, and the response has been really positive. It’s good to see that, even in times of recession, so many businesses out there are still keen to operate with a principle of giving back.

On a personal level, I’ve started my own coaching business and so far have helped 3 friends start up their own businesses, using their unique talents and gifts. I am now running sessions in Swindon for small groups and putting together coaching materials, based on my own experiences.

I can’t believe how things have changed for me in the last year and how many wonderful people I’ve been lucky enough to meet, all around the UK. I don’t think we realise how much untapped potential and how many good ideas and good people there are in Britain. It makes me very hopeful for the future.

Finally, please don’t forget that it’s Peace Day on Monday September 21st. If you haven’t already come across the amazing Peace One Day cause, here is an introduction, and I would urge you to visit the website, which has all sorts of educational resources you can download to spread the word and awareness of this global day of peace.

In 1999, filmmaker Jeremy Gilley dreamed that one day all the countries of the world would unite in recognising a specific day in the year as a day of ceasefire and non-violence. In 2002, the 21st September was officially ratified by the U.N. as International Peace Day and adopted by its 192 member states.

Jeremy’s latest film, ‘The Day After Peace’ has been screened in over 90 countries, and the 2008 Peace One Day concert, held at the Albert Hall, has been seen by an estimated 250 million people. The next major objective is to introduce 3 billion people to Peace Day by 2012.

You can help Jeremy achieve his goal simply by making everyone you know aware that the day exists and marking it every year, in even such a small way as lighting a candle.


God Bless,


Caroline MarshCreate Your World of Possibilities!
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“You measure yourself by the people who measure themselves by you”

On Tuesday 24th March I went to Westminster to be part of the judging panel for the Enterprising Young Brits Awards 2009. The annual competition is open to anyone aged 30 or under who has made their idea happen in an new, innovative or inspiring way. Twenty finalists had been chosen, and it was just so hard to pick winners for each of the five categories, but absolutely amazing to see how young people are taking the lead and creating a world of possibilities, despite all the negative talk about the economy. It was so encouraging seeing such great ideas and creativity from children as young as 14. I also really enjoyed meeting Alistair Darling, who presented the awards, and Miles Templeman, the Director General of the Institute of Directors.

Below are pictures of me with the winners, the other judges and Alistair Darling, and also with Adam Duffy, who won the Creative category, with his customisable fashion footwear business, Looks Can Kill.

And then on the 21st April I’m back in London for the ‘Make Your Mark with a Tenner’ awards lunch. The young winners of the enterprise scheme, who achieved the most profitable, innovative and socially responsible business ideas, will be there, as will my favourite ‘Dragon’, Peter Jones! I had a great time helping launch the campaign in January, and it’s an honour to be invited to this celebration of young business talent networking opportunity.

I am also having lots of meetings with people who are either looking for someone to speak to various different young and business-orientated groups, or are keen to talk directly with me about the best and most profitable way to approach property investing in the current market, and I have to say, I’m thoroughly enjoying each and every one.

Until the next update remember that “You measure yourself by the people who measure themselves by you.” Take the lead, and try to make a difference and be an inspiration to someone every day.

Stay blessed,


Caroline Marsh“You measure yourself by the people who measure themselves by you”
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A very busy year

It’s shaping up to be a very busy year already! Here are a few updates on some of the projects I’m involved with, all of which have come about as a result of the Secret Millionaire programme. I never believed this many opportunities would come up, and am so excited about how I am able to help in all these small ways. My hope is that I am able to inspire the wonderful people who have had the passion to set up charities, foundations and businesses aimed at helping others have a better life, and help them achieve and exceed their goals.

The Zambian High Commissioner came to Swindon recently and met some of the organisations that are raising money to provide support in Zambia. He’s now looking at ways in which the High Commission might be able to help these charities with tax efficiency etc. and facilitate their efforts.

The national charity 4 Children focused primarily on helping teenagers in 2008 and is going to be concentrating on families this year. The annual conference is on the 2nd & 3rd April, at Westminster and I’ve been invited to join their panel, which pitches to government and business representatives in order to secure funding. I’ve never done anything like that before and am so thrilled to have been asked! The charity have also asked if I will be involved in some of the media publicity surrounding the event – of course, I’d be delighted!

Make Your Mark with a Tenner is an incentive to encourage schoolchildren to become entrepreneurs and introduce them to business and making money. They’re loaned £10 for a month and have to find a way to make as much profit and social impact as possible from it in that time. Tomorrow I’m visiting a school in Swindon, along with a representative from the campaign, to help launch its first round of publicity in the area.

GWR Kids did such a great job raising money for children in Wiltshire last year, and I’m going along to a meeting they’re having in London on 27th February to help decide where the money they raised from their last few events can best be used.

In December I spoke at the National Black Womens’ Network Business event in Birmingham and was amazed to find just how great the need is for mentors and inspirational role models for black women – more than 50 women wanted me to be their mentor! I’m going to be keeping in touch with the organisation and try to help them move forward in certain areas.

The Book Bus foundation is a very small UK-based charity that takes a bus filled with books round schools, orphanages and small communities in Zambia, providing a mobile library service and distributing books where they’re most needed. The bus is amazing – it’s been decorated by Quentin Blake, who did all the illustrations for Roald Dahl’s books – and it’s staffed entirely by volunteers. Waterstones have recently said they will donate books to the charity, which is fantastic, and Jo, who runs the UK operation for the Book Bus has organised an event in April, that she’s asked me to speak at. I think this is a wonderful charity, and will certainly be getting involved in their plans to set up links between primary schools here and in Zambia.

And finally, some news from Toxteth, where things are progressing nicely: one of PPP’s associate mentors, who is a great friend of mine, has been up this month to give Dijuana some personal and business mentoring. And DCLP has now had their roof fixed and started the refurbishment of their premises, which I’m really pleased I was able to help them get underway with.

Photographs from various events I’ve been to over the past few months will be uploaded soon…

In these tough times, believe in yourself, stay positive and always greet people with a smile – remember, you attract what you give out.

God bless,


Caroline MarshA very busy year
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Happy New Year!

Happy new year to you all – I hope you had a restful and joyful Christmas. I had a very relaxing time at home with the boys (all 4 of them!) and managed to spend some wonderful time with friends.

Already things have got moving this year – I have been asked by ‘4 Children‘, the national children’s charity to give an after-dinner speech at Westminster on 2nd April, which is very exciting, and the Zambian High Commissioner is coming here to Swindon to meet the Zambian community and see how we can all work together to move ourselves and the community forward.

Media-wise, theVINE magazine has featured me in an article in the January issue, and I have some interviews lined up over the next few weeks, plus I’m continuing to be approached by various charities and individuals looking for support and guidance.

I have a very busy couple of weeks coming up, working on my property business and attending lots of meetings, including one encouraging women in franchising, which we’re all hoping may lead to an organisation that the BFA would be happy to support.

I don’t know where all of these opportunities will take me, and what difference I can make, but I am embracing each one, and that is something I wish for all of you:

Embrace the opportunities that come your way each day, and keep smiling – this is a year of possibilities!

God bless,


Caroline MarshHappy New Year!
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Motivated and on top of the world!

A couple of weeks ago I went on a 5-day Brian Klemmer advanced leadership training course in Norway, which was intense but really productive – I’d recommend it to anyone. You are given tools that really allow you to see your own potential, the greatness in others, and to be so much more productive in all areas of life. And then, giving me an extra boost of enthusiasm and motivation, I have just spent an afternoon at an exclusive Platinum Partners Group seminar event led by Brian Tracy, where I had the opportunity to speak to him personally. I can’t stress enough the value in putting yourself in front of these world-leaders and listening to what they have to say – you’ll be amazed at the impact it can have on your life.

Last weekend I did an online radio interview for Zambian listeners from all over the world, which apparently 2500 people tuned in for! I was  honoured to be their guest speaker and hope I inspired them with the story of my journey, encouraging the listeners that they too could be successful in business. You can listen to the interview on the website: http://www.mwape.com/braindrain.html

I’ve also just been to Liverpool and met with DCLP. Seeing how they continue to progress blessed my heart, they have just excelled in the work they are doing for the local community and are moving from strength to strength, planning on making themselves sustainable. My business partners, Steve and Nick, have been heavily involved in the organisation of the refurbishment that is due to start this week & we’re all very excited about the difference it will make to the DCLP team and the work they do.

Following the Kilimanjaro climb with GWR kids, we were invited to join in the celebrations to congratulate the guys and girls that took part in the event. I was so inspired by their commitment, and we had a great evening, with Mike helping me showing off my dancing skills!!

This week I’m having an interview with African Vibes magazine – http://africanvibes.com/wordpressnew/ – for their January issue, which will also form part of their first online broadcast, and then in a week’s time, on 4th December, I will be in Birmingham, speaking over 100 women in business. This is the finale of three Birmingham events facilitated by the National Black Women’s Network http://www.nbwn.org/ , devised to inspire and support local women to join the enterprise journey, and help those entrepreneurs already on their path to become more successful. I hope I can inspire everyone there to truly BE more, DO more, HAVE more and GIVE more.

Stay blessed,


Caroline MarshMotivated and on top of the world!
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Another busy couple of weeks!

Following my last meeting with the Mayor, he introduced me to a group of African women in Swindon who are focused on making a difference in the community and I have now volunteered to help them. I didn’t mention anything about the Secret Millionaire, so they only found out last Tuesday, when we all accepted an invitation from Anne Snelgrove, the MP for South Swindon, to meet her at the House of Commons – they were very surprised! We had the privilege of touring the House and getting VIP seats to listen in on some of the debates – it was such an honour to be there – and we spent about 45 minutes talking about how we are going to work together. I am just so excited that the Mayor and our MP both want to help us move forward with helping the disadvantaged in Swindon, and we are meeting with them both again in a couple of weeks to talk seriously about what we can all focus on together, and what action we are going to take in the coming months.

On the 18th October I was invited to speak at the Christian Outreach Centre Business Achievers Conference in Berkshire, which was a wonderful experience, not least because it was at this event in 2006 that I first came across Steve Bolton and started my own journey to financial freedom. It was great to be inspired by the other speakers and have the opportunity to also inspire people in return by sharing my own story and highlighting the untapped potential that exists within all of us.

I am now also working alongside a charity called GWR Kids, and from 24th October to 2nd November 19 selfless people are giving their time and effort to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, hoping to raise funds for disadvantaged children in Wiltshire. I admire them so much and wholeheartedly support them, and it was a privilege to send them off with love and a hearty pat on the back last Friday! You can check them out and see how they are doing by going to the website which will have an update on their journey – http://www.wiltshiresgwrfm.co.uk/sectional.asp?id=16176 – and they have a justgiving page if you would like to sponsor their expedition and help the charity.

Life is getting very, very busy, and I am amazed by the number of people still writing to me with suggestions about how we can work together – I’m just sorry I can’t help everyone who approaches me.

I have just added Brian Klemmer’s ‘the Compassionate Samurai‘ to my list of recommended reading. Brian teaches people how they can make anything happen and absolutely retain their integrity by operating with an abundance mentality. That belief and principle – that by doing something wholeheartedly and having the strength and courage to persevere, you can achieve a win-win outcome – is probably the greatest principle you can master. I’ve by no means mastered it myself yet, but I’m getting there!

God bless,


Caroline MarshAnother busy couple of weeks!
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Still overwhelmed!

I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone by!

I’m still overwhelmed by the response I’m getting and the number of unsung heroes that are doing great works all over the world. I have even had emails from America – people who have read articles on the internet – how amazing that the programme has touched that many.

The past few weeks have been so busy, trying to run my business and keep up with the media and various organisations and community projects, including the Liverpool projects, which I have to say have made such progress.  Dijuana has now planned another big event for half term and is also raising funds for a pamper weekend to thank the older generation that have been there for them in the local community.  As part of the gift to her I specifically asked her to have a girly weekend, as she deserved it, and she has come back and told me how much she enjoyed herself.  It was something she had never experienced before, and so she wanted to do the same for her role models, most of them aged 55 and above (How good is that?!).

DCLP have now employed a member of staff to help run the office and also free up some time for people like June who can now spare some time to go on holiday and not worry about the running of the projects while she is away.  They may have been able to cope without her for a week or two, but this means it’s one less thing for her to worry about.

Yesterday the Mayor of Swindon invited my family and I to his home for tea, for which we felt honoured as a family – he has been so supportive since we met him formally at our Secret Millionaire screening evening.  The kids were so excited – and so was I!  It is wonderful to know that he is behind the vision we shared with him a few weeks ago about wanting to make a difference in our local communities.

He has put me in touch with a lady in Swindon who is working in the local community with young mothers and teenagers.  They need someone who can spare the time to talk with them, and who they can open up to, and while I’m not sure I’m the right person to do that right now, having teenage children and a young baby myself,  I am certainly going to help organise her events and make contacts.  I am excited about working alongside her as she was so passionate, but what makes it all the more amazing is that she doesn’t even know I was on the Secret Millionaire programme – she just thinks I’m someone who wants to help…..which of course I am.

I have also partnered with 2 other voluntary organisations working in Zambia – The Book Bus and Street Child Africa – giving them more business support and seeing how I can help them best.

Last week I also met with the Zambian High Commissioner, who had called to see if we could meet to discuss how we could work together, both in the UK and Zambia.  We are now sharing details and making plans for when I visit Zambia in December and it’s all looking really good.  I have always believed that Together We Can make a Huge Difference, and now it’s really coming true, in a far bigger way than I could ever have imagined.

Caroline MarshStill overwhelmed!
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