The Pareto Principle (Manage Your Time Effectively)


In 1906, Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto created a mathematical formula to describe the unequal distribution of wealth in his country, observing that twenty percent of the people owned eighty percent of the wealth. In the late 1940s, Dr. Joseph M. Juran inaccurately attributed the 80/20 Rule to Pareto, calling it Pareto’s Principle. While it may be misnamed, Pareto’s Principle or Pareto’s Law as it is sometimes called, can be a very effective tool to help you manage effectively.

So what does the 80/20 Rule Actually mean?

The 80/20 Rule means that in anything a few (20 percent) are vital and many(80 percent) are trivial. In Pareto’s case it meant 20 percent of the people owned 80 percent of the wealth.  20 percent of the defects cause 80 percent of the problems. Project Managers know that 20 percent of the work (the first 10 percent and the last 10 percent) consume 80 percent of your time and resources. You can apply the 80/20 Rule to almost anything, from the science of management to the physical world.

the 20% of activities that account for most of the values in your work are invariably the most difficult and challenging tasks. The 80% of activities that only account for 20% of your results are usually fun and easy. Being human, you have a natural tendency to do the easy things, even though they are not particularly valuable or important. To get the most done, and the greatest results from every minute invested, you must resist the temptation to clear up small things first. You must discipline yourself to keep your energies focused on the one or two things that you can do that are more important and valuable than anything else.

The value of the Pareto Principle for a manager is that it reminds you to focus on the 20 percent that matters. Of the things you do during your day, only 20 percent really matter. Those 20 percent produce 80 percent of your results. Identify and focus on those things. When the fire drills of the day begin to sap your time, remind yourself of the 20 percent you need to focus on. If something in the schedule has to slip, if something isn’t going to get done, make sure it’s not part of that 20 percent.

This principle should serve as a daily reminder to focus 80 percent of your time and energy on the 20 percent of you work that is really important. Don’t just “work smart”, work smart on the right things.

Remember, Manage your time effectively and You get BETTER and BIGGER RESULTS!

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Caroline MarshThe Pareto Principle (Manage Your Time Effectively)
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Global Markets Webinar (Notes)

The mentoring was an overview of Global markets, what it takes to be successful in business and back to basics budgeting.

We had Michael and Augusta on the call who delivered part of the mentoring program. 

We will endeavor to make it as practical as possible for all attendees.  This will be your opportunity to ask specific questions/challenges and we will share ideas on overcoming those obstacles and to get you a step closer to success.

Please find below outlined notes

These notes are variable indispensable tools and strategies which every business should have. It is a lack of these tools that often lead to inaccuracies and eventually failure. Every business should have plans that act as guiding principles; these plans should be worked on, adjusted and adapted continually to guarantee success.

1. Vision, Values & Goals

Vision = Helps you see

Values = Boundaries

Goals = Clarity

The first step in Creating your DREAM is to know what you want, where you are going and what is important to you. Dreams are powerful, they pull you in times of adversity, give you reason to push on, and they also act as a catalyst in starting the adventure of pursuing greatness for your life. My husband and I were dreaming about the impact we want to make in our lives, looking at the decisions and choices we have made in the past, Designing and Redesigning. It was so powerful we went to bed nearly midnight and 5am I was up taking steps towards the dream. If you don’t like what you see, change it….

Goals help us see the destination. Knowing your destination increases your focus. Knowing your destination allows you to make wiser choices, save precious time and energy if you don’t know where you are going, any road is going to get you there.

I will be releasing a powerful book in a few weeks that will help you achieve your goals, manage your time, life and money. Stay tuned for it, this is a very important tool.

Let me give you a metaphor for that.

If you need to drive from London to Liverpool, what do you do? The first thing you are going to do is enter the destination in your GPS Sat Nav. Then you are going to see the route you have to take. However most people simply decide where they want to go and get in the car and start driving. That is a recipe for disaster.


Most people spend more time planning their summer holidays than they do planning their lives. A business has to have a business plan. Reflect on its strategy continuously Articulate its mission and its guiding values.

2. Love What You Do and develop the Desire to Serve others. The Role of a business is to Find the NEED and FILL the NEED + Desire to make a difference in people’s lives. You need to look for your PASSION and use it to improve not only yours but other people’s lives as well.

3. Becoming the King of your Kingdom (Influential) Strategise on Your “U” Factor. You need creativity to see what’s out there and to shape it to your advantage. Creativity to look at the world with a different set of eyes, looking at The “U” Factor, ask yourself “what can I offer that ‘they’ aren’t offering?”

Where’s the niche that hasn’t been developed? Tax savings for Property Investors, Personal development programs for Children/ Elderly. You will need to have the guts to dare be different and do it! Look at inefficiency of the market and find out what would make this process more convenient.  Most people hear of different ideas and they jump to do the exact same, think of the slight edge! (Develop mental muscle Capacity to think creatively).

4. Having a Business Model Core entry/lead product and further products eg. coke, Fanta grape, Sprite etc. Bakery bread, croissants, rolls, etc Ida nursery teaching now providing other services to same children. Run events, you will think of what else to offer your clients, aim for repeat customers.

5. Business Mindset Build Character Become Unstoppable, Bounce-back, Overcoming Obstacles, Life Management, Goal Oriented, Action and Result Oriented, thinking outside your box mind!

6.Learn what it takes to grow your business! (Business in a Box Strategy).

As a business owner you need to develop Business Processes and Systems. For a business to grow, it needs to have the potential to be Replicated, to replicate it you need to Systemise and that means you need to Document every step of your business. Every detail of your business has to be on paper. 

Once your business has been tested tried and proven, you can grow it by:

Franchise it:

This is the model my business partner/ Mentor Steve Bolton used. He started property a  business and taught other people how to do it until the model was perfected that he created systems on every process and began teaching others such as myself.  You pay him a fee, he teaches you and continue to provide support over a period of time helping you grow.  As part of the service you commit to paying a small fee for the duration of your relationship, in my case 5 years. 

Multi Level Marketing Strategy ( MML)

You find people who believe in your product and train them to operate as business owners except the Products are not there own. This system helps you expand exponentially selling products whilst raising the product profile. Great examples would be Jamie Oliver Pamper parties (UK) Mary Kay products (global) forever Living (global) these are the main big brands known.  On the other hand I mentored faye who has a range of amazing beauty products (shabby chic look) and she has started parties in view to find other distributors Eden Aromatic(Her Website). If you are into beauty and would like to start your own business then check out her website, this is the fasted way to start, Run and Manage a business, find someone who has done it and learn from them.

Train the Trainer Services eg Mary Kay.

7. Understand the Basic Fundamentals a Precise Cutting Edge Marketing strategies Effective Marketing strategy Effective Promotion of services to your ideal customer base. Business Blueprint Know Your Numbers, Sales Strategy Master the art of helping buyers make a buying decision and close the sale. Build relationships to grow your business. Your job is to grow a customer base through building relationships.

If you don’t spend time building relationships via networks that is a formula for failure Formula for failure Procrastination Analysis Paralysis Fear just do it!

Lack of planning – Lack of knowledge Poor sales skills.

Poor Product or services Lack of Clarity on Customer base, Niche, Marketing Strategy.

Inability to Scale the business Poor Cash-flow Management Rewrite the program.

  • Write 3 things you want, why have you not achieved yet?
  • What is standing in between you and your goal?
  • How can you overcome the challenge?
  •  Whose support will you need?
  •  What characteristics will you have to develop?

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If you have a Passion for your business…
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Caroline MarshGlobal Markets Webinar (Notes)
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Finding Your Passion

Being in business or even finding the career that is right for you, one important thing you should focus on is your Passion. It’s one thing to do what you have to do but it’s better that you love what you’re doing. Passion for work or business or even anything we do separates the mediocre from what’s possibly the best. Before you start venturing into something that  you will be doing for a long time, it is important to ask yourself this question…

“Is this my passion?” “Will I be able to love doing this for long?”

To find your passion we must look at two areas of your life. These are your STRENGTHS and your VALUES.

When your actions are not reflecting your strengths and values, what do you feel?

Powerful? Or Powerless?

You fail when you find yourself in a work/business that says little about your values, your thought and feelings. This kind of situation causes you to feel tied up in a routine that is too far away from your own personality, usually causing you to feel bored and unfulfilled. You feel trapped because your days aren’t exciting or adventurous. When you deny your thoughts and feelings you will find your work is difficult and boring, regardless of how much money you make,

Your hobbies and interests tell so much about your strengths and values. Check on your old self, rather than research, do a self-search.

The emptiness that many people feel comes out of guilt and shame over past experiences of failure, whether they’re own or those of other people. They feel fear, believing there is no possibility of being successful doing what they love and therefore they only give half of their hearts to it. Then of course, failure becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.


Finding your passion means letting go of the monsters of the past.

When you liberate yourself from negative thoughts that were born out of unpleasant past experiences, you will become more open to experiences that will transform you into a more mature individual, someone who is willing to accept the personal responsibility of Changing their life to achieve desired goals. 


Let me help you turn your passion, your concept and your dream into Cash!

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Caroline MarshFinding Your Passion
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Kingdom Enforcers Conference 2013 – Conference for Leaders

One of the world’s most renowned dynamic and powerful visionary and is also one of my dearest mentor, Dr. Pat Francis will be hosting the “Kingdom Enforcers Conference 2013” 

The “Kingdom Enforcers Conference 2013” is an international gathering of Church, Government, Business, Entrepreneurial and Social leaders for the purpose of helping you “Rule Your World” – Spiritually, Personally, Financially and Socially.

As one of the world’s most dynamic, powerful and spiritual visionary, she is also the founder and Senior Pastor of Kingdom Covenant Ministries & Pat Francis Ministries, Dr. Pat Francis takes the life transforming message of Jesus Christ across the world as an international speaker. Along with a group of dynamic visionaries, pastors and leaders namely Dr. Bill Winston (Founder of Bill Winston Ministries and President and Founder of Faith Ministries Alliance), Prophet James W. Goll (President of Encounters Network, Director of Prayer Storm and the Director of God Encounters Training), Dr. Ian Lovell (Pastor, Principal and Businessman), Eddison Doyle (FCCA, CGA, MBA, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer in Major Global Companies) and Dr. Bill Hamon (Bishop Bill Hamon) will be heading the “Kingdom Enforcers Conference 2013”. It is a global forum where leaders connect and network for inspiration, empowerment, revelation and collaboration for ministry, business and to create solutions. If you believe that it is about time that you put to use your God-given capabilities to help you “Rule Your World” then this event is definitely for you.


– Dr. Pat Francis, Dr. Bill Winston, Dr. Ian Lovell, Prophet James Goll, Dr. Bill Hamon – LIVE STREAM and Online Translation Available

– English and French – Marketplace Expo

– International Business and Networking Luncheon


For more information regarding the event such as SCHEDULES, TESTIMONIES, etc please visit http://kingdomenforcers.com/

For attending participants, venue will be the Kingdom Covenant Centre (Kingdom Covenant Ministries) at 1224 Dundas Street East Units 20 – 24 Mississauga, Ontario L4Y 4A2, Canada For Attending Participants & Live Stream Audience – Registration for “Kingdom Enforcers 2013” Live Stream Link – (http://kingdomenforcers.com/index.php/registration)

I guarantee that this event will be life-changing and will empower you to bring the best out of you as a Leader.

Caroline MarshKingdom Enforcers Conference 2013 – Conference for Leaders
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Tips to Start Your Day Positively!

The way we start our day greatly impacts how our performance, our attitude, our thoughts Staying Positivefor the day. And if you want to have a greatly productive day then it has to be productive and positive right from the start. A good start to your day will keep you motivated, positive, energized and productive while on the other hand, having a bad start will keep your mind clouded, having negative influence in your work area and having limited productivity.

Since the very first things you do in the morning affect your whole day, you need to make the most out of it. Here are my tips:

  • Always start your day with a prayer. Praying allows you to release all your problems, your negativity, everything that is holding you down. Communicate with God, tell Him all that you are dealing with, tell Him what is it that you intend to do today and ask for His guidance, His strength. For nothing would be possible without God’s governance. Immediately after, you will have a feeling of a lighter load, a brighter day and a healthier mind.
  • Be clear and precise about the tasks that you want to accomplish today. Do a mini Goal Setting. Having a clear and written checklists of the things you need to do, the tasks you need to work on and the deadlines that you have to meet will keep you organized. By bringing your awareness and intention to the day, you are more likely to make conscious choices in actions and attitudes as the day unfolds.
  • Take a little time to do some exercise. Do some stretching, or some movement routine that would awaken your body from several hours of inactivity. You will be busy for most of the day and it is unlikely that you will have spare time hit the gym. Having time to do light to medium exercise during morning will do wonders to your overall fitness towards the day.
  • Delight yourself with a healthy breakfast. As you know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Make sure that you have enough time to prepare a balanced and healthy diet every morning as this gets your metabolism revving, helps you concentrate better, provides you with essential nutrients you need to get through the day.
  • Talk with your loved ones. Having a good conversation in the morning with family members while having breakfast also helps you start your day well. Share and talk about positive stories, experiences and news or just anything that would bring a smile to you and your loved ones. Avoid hearing stories that are full of negativity, complains as this can cause negativity that can disrupt you throughout the day


Having a positive morning means a positive outlook and productivity throughout the day. So make sure you start your morning’s right!


Caroline Marsh  


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Caroline MarshTips to Start Your Day Positively!
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Mastering the Keys to Success!

Success is a long and narrow road, it takes a lot of learning, experience, overcoming challenges and difficulties, improving and developing skills, flexibility, faith and determination. Succeeding is definitely possible if your heart truly desires it. It will be difficult  but when you know what you truly want, what you have to do to get there and act upon it, success will be yours for the taking!

These are some of the keys you need to master to be a success. 

1.) You need to provide excellent products or services. You have to understand that mediocre does not pay and you need to make sure that you are offering something with value. People will be happy to reward you for becoming the solution to their problem.

2.) You need to learn to be persuasive, not manipulative. Persuade others to make the right decision, be it looking after their skin, getting the right education, looking after their money or helping them make the right investments, or whatever your passion is.

3.)  You need to be persistent. Most people give up easily after encountering obstacles and failing.  In our business mentoring program, we believe, when one door closes another door opens, you just have to find it, find the many ways to overcome the obstacles. It’s easy to give in but keep in mind that successful people are those who never give up! Develop the muscle of determination as this is a key to success.

4.)  You need to have a Plan. Planning what you want, how to get what you want, what kind of support do you need to get what you want, when you want to get what you want and what you have to give to get what you want.

 5.) Position yourself well enough to promote what you have effectively. Success comes as a result of promoting with precision. Business is not a guessing game or simply doing what the masses are doing. My mastermind community is having a full day of learning social media strategies with precision tomorrow and you should do the same find out how to best promote your products or services to your target audience.

6.) You have to continuously improve yourself. As the right tools and strategies incorporated with the right attitude can bring your concept to cash, personal development is important to not only to get to the top but to stay on top. Even when you are the best, you should continue to improve yourself, develop and add more to your skills, add more value to yourself and you add more value to your business.

Think on these things and make adjustments where you are in error and see the results. 

Stay Blessed!


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Caroline MarshMastering the Keys to Success!
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The World Today is Reflecting!

Almost everyone in the world is reflecting on 2012 and hopefully planning 2013. I certainly have spent the last few days looking at the last 12 months. Looking at what worked and celebrating that, looking at what did not work and seeing how can i make adjustments in my life and those around me.

Whatever you do enter 2013 with a grateful heart, be thankful for all you have, opportunities, relationships, health, and most important life!  Make choices that support your purpose, decide to Rule Your World. 

As you enter 2013, choose to forgive those that hurt you and let go of the bad feelings. When you forgive don’t remind others of their past mistakes. Decide to have a happy 2013, no one is charge of your happiness but you.

Look after your health, decide to look after you for your loved ones. A healthier you is much fun than an unhealthy you. Do what it will take for you to be healthy, energetic, effective and fun to be around.

Plan your future, you need to Decide to Design your Destiny. You are a prophet of your own life. Once you decide on what you want, plan on how you will achieve your goals, be prepared to start all over again what is not working, after all “its your life”.

You don’t have to wait till the next year to change what is not working. A plan should be a guide, one you use to adjust and adapt as life unfolds, Always remembering that you planned it and if you don’t like what it looks like “Change it”.

Treasure relationships. Identify key people in your life and plan on how you will build those relationships, both work and personal. One thing i did was look at people in my inner circle, negative and positive people, made adjustments and will move more positive and supporters closer. Life is about choices, you don’t hate others you simply learn to dis-associate yourself with people who won’t support your purpose.

Decide to live a disciplined life, Self control is one of the characteristics you will have to master in 2013, this contributes to living a more fulfilled life. Manage your life and not the other way round.

Above all, have lots of Fun, you don’t have to wait for things to fall in place, you put them in place, whether you have a million Pounds in the bank or £.50p in your purse, you can have fun! 

Wisdom Key: Ask God to help you in 2013

Stay Blessed and Happy New Year, I am looking forward to an amazing 2013 together.





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Caroline MarshThe World Today is Reflecting!
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Wow what an event!

Words alone are not enough to express the excitement of “Rule Your World” Conference.  We had such an empowering conference and now we are ready to “Rule Our World”

                                                                “My Life will never be the same Again Ayo Adedoyin”

Not sure about you, but i love to hear people say things like ” my life will never be the same again” i said that in 2006 when i went to a business conference in Alicante, that was the year that turned my life around. May i also say, it was just the beginning. Every time I come across another transformational event, my eyes are opened to new possibilities and so the key is to keep finding life changing events. We constantly need to strive to be empowered and then make adjustments and shifts where we need to.

They are lots of things i learnt from “Rule Your world” conference, too many to share but below are just a few points:

  • You are in charge of your destiny. The fight is always stronger where your destiny is, just because you decide to design your destiny does not mean everything will fall into place. There will be challenges and obstacle ahead, so when you face them do all you know to do to overcome them.
  • Who you know is part of your equity. One of the keys is to have connections and contacts that will help you advance to the next level. If you are not in those relationships yet, then begin the quest of finding those key people. 
  • You are as strong as your council. Now not many ever seek GREAT council from the right people. This is one of the keys to success, simply finding masterminds or groups of people who will help you, a support network, advisory group, that has a knowledge base to help you advance your business to the next level.
  • You must be ready to bless the world with your gifts, talents, money and timeBe ready to serve others with your passion, get the wisdom to turn your passion to profits. Help others do the same and together we will make this place a better place

Its not too late until you think its too late, 2012 could still be the year that turns your life around. Get a free copy of my blueprint “The 7 Secrets of Success” www.carolinemarsh.com


Caroline MarshWow what an event!
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