Only 2 days to go!

This Saturday (October 6) is the perfect opportunity to work on your business and set yourself up for a seriously successful 2013.
My amazing KPI friends are putting up another awesome day this weekend “The Entrepreneur Revolution”.

The day will be fast paced, content rich and all the speakers will each explore the central theme of ‘The Entrepreneur Revolution’ in the context of each of their industry expertise: 

Pitching | Mike Harris, creator of 3 billion pound businesses. 
Publishing | Mindy Gibbins-Klein, founder of the Book Midwife. 
Productising | Darren Shirlaw, IP expert and founder of Shirlaws Coaching & Navitas IP. 
Profile Building | Penny Power, co-founder of Ecademy. 
Partnerships & JV’s | Shaa Wasmund, founder of Smarta and voted one of the six most connected women it the UK. 
With only 3 days left, secure your ticket today CLICK HERE >> 

Not convinced? Hard to please? High standards? Want a sneak peak? 
Why not grab a Kit-Kat and watch this short video on the Entrepreneur Revolution: http://youtu.be/abokysHuQg8 
Register here

be sure to be there!
Stay blessed
PS. There has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur. The barriers to starting up have never been lower, and the tools to help established business owners grow have never been more readily available. This event identifies some of the most powerful tools and ideas and shows you how to harness them in a way that will without question drive your business forward in 2013 and beyond.
Caroline MarshOnly 2 days to go!
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The Biggest question “how to get more out of 24hrs”

This is my quickest answer:

Start with your Goal What do you want to achieve That day, week, month, Year etc 

Write down everything that has to get done to achieve the goal EVERYTHING 

Identify Your 80/20 Rule, meaning what 20% should  you be working on to give you the 80% results you want to achieve, Extensively look at the 20% Activities, Resources etc

Identify the Hi priority and Lo priority activities you outlined

Delegate “NOT ABDICATE” All activities that should be done by either experts, team members, associates whoever is working alongside you. Make sure you have systems in place to keep track on performance.

Activities that have no consequences should you not perform them, cross them out 

You eat an Elephant one bite at a time, so don’t be in such a rush to change almost overnight. Most people want to be rich skinny and Happy instantly the moment they realise they need to change their circumstance.

Treasure your time, its the one thing i know your DEFINITELY cannot SAVE for tomorrow.

Always be Grateful, Thankful and have fun while your work.

Stay blessed and Enjoy the Olympics


Caroline MarshThe Biggest question “how to get more out of 24hrs”
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Do Olympians train to win or participate?

I believe every athlete trains to win and wins the race in their mind before the actual run.

Here is the secret:

“Rehearse the win in your mind”  

I first came across the principle through Denis Waitely.

  • Visual Motor Rehearsal
    • Visual Motor Rehearsal has been done by NASA and the US Olympic Team to help them
    • enhance their performances.
    • It is the practice of performing events in your head prior to the actual performance and has
    • been shown to raise standards tremendously, whether physical or mental.

The athletes were then hooked up to a sophisticated biofeedback machine, and its results told the real story about the value of visualization. The same muscles fired in the same sequence as when they were actually running on the track! 

This proved that the mind can’t tell the difference between whether you’re really doing something or whether it’s just a practice. Denis Waitley says if you have been their in the mind you your body can go there.

The same principle works in business. Play and replay the winning game of your business, plan and begin to act on your Plan of Action.

The key is for you to do the mental work first, establish success deep down and then replay Success. Put images around of what your success looks like, walk it, think it, talk it.

When i started out in Property I had to believe in my heart that, success was possible for me. It does not happen the first day you start the visualisation process, you keep at it until you know that you know that you know! Renew the mind by reprogramming the mind.

Together with an amazing woman Amanda Wells we have just Launched a new venture, “GEM women”, Global Entrepreneur Mastermind Women.  A few weeks back we were strategising on how we can begin to engage with the people we will meet on our GEM Tour “Australia & New Zealand”. 

The conclusion was social networking, Mini Workshops and offering free Business tele seminars (This by the way is due to start in Mid August and September if you want to be part of free business session then join our Facebook community. Shhhhh I just let you in our strategy before its officially launched in 2 weeks). 

Anyway 2 days ago i got an email from a lady who is in New Zealand and is looking for a Mentor, she purposed in her heart to start a business a few months back. The one thing she prayed about was a business mentor. She knows what she would like to do but needs to stand on the shoulder of a giant. As she was searching she came across our Tour to New Zealand and she excitedly emailed me to express her excitement on how timely, but guess what not only did she come across us, she is the first one to have a free business session strategy we were planning. Thats the power of Visualisation and purpose in the heart.!!

So why don’t you try it! see it, believe it, and take action, visualising what you want and train to become.

 Action might mean seeking mentoring, sales training, writing your marketing strategy, whatever you will need to get your desired goal and results. I always say, do what you have to do and let God do the rest.

Wherever you are in the world watch and enjoy the 2012 Olympics hosted in London 

Stay blessed and speak soon 



Caroline MarshDo Olympians train to win or participate?
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What you believe is what you train for….

Steve Siebold describes in his book -“177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class” -how he wanted to be a tennis champion.

He had all the talent and the desire necessary but at times he lacked the belief that he was a potential champion.

He writes:”When I believed I was a champion, I trained like a champion.

When I believed I was washed up, I trained like a loser.”

When he was only ten years old, he defeated nearly everyone he played and, as a result, was thinking like a champion. He expected to win and so he trained and worked hard as winners should.

As he grew older his rankings started to drop and he no longer expected to win and so he started training like a loser instead of a winner.

He still had the desire to be a champion but so do lots of people. He believes that what made the difference was his belief in himself or his lack of it.

Once we realise that this ceiling is only a figment of the imagination of ourselves and our so-called ‘friends’, we will be able to break through our limitations and achieve world class results which will astonish us.

We need to re-examine our beliefs about ourselves and to realise that many of them originated in the beliefs of people who thought that great results were only for the few and that our dreams were just ‘pie in the sky’.

Instead of listening to the naysayers  (those who are not even aware of the possibility that they could be champions), start listening to the world class.  Replace negative beliefs about yourselves with empowering ones and then start working hard to achieve your dreams.

You don’t need a degree in psychology to do all this. Get a free copy of my “7 Secrets of Success Blueprint” and start from there.

You may or may not have access to world class neighbours or friends but you do have easy access to world class writers and thinkers through the media of books, audios and video tapes. The internet has, of course, widened that access exponentially.

It is high time you joined the world class and made the most of your God given championship potential, which is in us all :-).

And whatever you do, do yourself a favour, ask for God’s help!

Stay blessed


Caroline MarshWhat you believe is what you train for….
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The Future of Entrepreneurship

The Future Of Entrepreneurship

As we all know, an increased number of people now choose to work from home, either through telecommuting or running home businesses. 

While this trend has commonly been attributed to the growth in the number of working women wanting to be home for their family and have a lifestyle business, more and more men are joining the ranks. My husband has an office in Swindon however he now prefers to work at home rather than going to the office, we tend to work around school hours and share the flexibility of when we work. 

In more recent times a number of factors seem to favor the continued high rates of new start up businesses:

  • Continued high rates of economical change (change creates opportunities for new firms)
  • Continued growth of the service based businesses (the highest growth area for new firm formation)
  • An increase in the number of virtual corporations to which firms can outsource their functions, and create opportunities for entrepreneurs
  • Positive climate for small business – a general perception that small business is a positive influence on the economic wellbeing of the country, giving entrepreneurs legitimacy and respect
  • Growth in international business opportunities

With the traditional corporate-employment track seemingly on the decline, the trend towards forming strategic alliances with other businesses that are closely aligned with yours, or with someone who can add value to your product, is steadily emerging. In fact, futurists envision a return to extended community living, with shared resources but individual living and working relationships. They see entrepreneurial activities as the basis of these communities. Strategic alliances are a first step along this path.

So, if you have determined that entrepreneurship is for you, you can be confident that you’re part of the wave of the future!

But understand what it will demand of you, and assess whether you’re prepared to give what it will take. The allure of entrepreneurship is undeniably strong for many, but it’s important to make sure you’re moving into it for the right reasons.

Being miserable in your job doesn’t automatically make starting your own business the best idea in the world. In fact, it could be the worst reason of all! The key is to love what you do, believe in what you do and become excellent at what you do. So grab the bull by the horns and embark on the journey. 

Get a free copy of my “7 Secrets of Success Blueprint” visit www.carolinemarsh.com

Stay Blessed

Caroline MarshThe Future of Entrepreneurship
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Do you know your number 1 success blocker?

Self limiting beliefs!

Most of your thoughts, and your responses to the events and people of your life, are determined by your basic premises. These are the ideas, beliefs, opinions and conclusions you have come to as the result of inputs and experiences starting in childhood.

They constitute not only your self-concept, but also your philosophy of life. The more adamant and convinced you are of your basic premises, the more they predict and control everything you do, say, and feel (like a tree with deep roots)

If you believe yourself to be an excellent person, loaded with talent and ability, friendly and popular, healthy and energetic, curious and creative, and destined to have a wonderful life, these basic premises will lead you to set goals, work hard, develop yourself, treat others well, bounce back from adversity, and ultimately succeed. Nothing will be able to stop you in the long run.You have to believe

It is not what happens to you in life that is important. It is only how you respond to what happens. It doesn’t matter where you’re coming from either. All that really matters is where you are going. And where you are going is limited only by your own imagination.

And since your imagination is unlimited, your future is unlimited as well. These are the basic premises and beliefs you need to fulfill your potential.

Dissolving The Myths

Unfortunately, there are several myths that we accept as we grow up that can sabotage our hopes for success, joy and fulfilment later in life. Let’s look at these self-limiting beliefs one at a time.

The first and worst is summarized in the feeling, “I’m not good enough.” This is the basic premise that causes feelings of inferiority and inadequacy. We assume that other people are better than we are just because, at the moment, they are doing better than we are.

We feel that they must be worth more than us. Therefore, we must be worth less than them. This feeling of worthlessness sits deep in the psyche and causes us to sell ourselves short. We settle for less than we are truly capable of. Rather than to fail at a new goal, we don’t set it in the first place.

The correct basic premise for you to develop, or belief for you to have, is that you are not only good enough, but you have the ability to be excellent in any area that is important to you.

You have unlimited potential to be, do and have more than you have ever achieved up to now. As Shakespeare said, “All past is merely prelude.” Whatever you have accomplished in the past is only a hint of what you can do in the future.

 Over the weekend I spent some time with my mastermind community looking at belief systems and how to overcome them, in the next blog i will share some of those strategies with you. In the meantime get a copy of my Blueprint “7 Secrets of Success”. 

Caroline MarshDo you know your number 1 success blocker?
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Never Give Up….

I just had a call with one of my concept to Cash girls who encountered a challenge in her business. She called to say its tough and she cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel, well the thing is “I can see the light at the end of the tunnel”. 

Now we all know that saying. When times are hard and the situation seems hopeless, we usually turn a corner and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Before the call she figured that the light at the end of the tunnel was impossible. We talked and I did what i know to best  (find the solution by analysing the big picture). Guess what? We saw the light, She called me Genius!  🙂 i laughed because I am not a Genius, I have just found out how to see the light at the end of the tunnel. She still has more tunnel to go through and so does every business. In the dark, I’ve noticed the distance of the light is deceiving. Will I reach the opening today, tomorrow, next week, next month, or 2013? Hanging on is really tough some days but I still refuse to give up. 

What do you really see on the inside?

Whatever you are going through never give up but find solutions to the current challenge.

Stay blessed 


Get a free copy of my 7 secrets of success blueprint by visiting www.carolinemarsh.com.

Caroline MarshNever Give Up….
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The truth about me…..

Everything I know about myself, all my beliefs, are recorded on the hard drive of my personality, in my self-concept.What do you really see on the inside?

Your self-concept precedes and predicts your levels of performance and effectiveness in everything you do. Because of the law of correspondence, you always behave on the outside in a manner consistent with your self-concept on the inside. All improvement in your life therefore begins with an improvement in your self-concept.

You have an overall self-concept that is made up of all your beliefs about yourself and your abilities. This bundle of beliefs includes all the experiences, decisions, successes, failures, ideas, information, emotions and opinions of your life up to now.

This general self-concept determines how and what you think and feel about yourself, and measures how well you are doing in general. If you want to live life by design then you need to redesign your current design to support your desired lifestyle. Stop blaming and start creating.

Your Mini-Self-Concepts

You have a series of “mini-self-concepts” as well. These mini-self-concepts combine to make up your overall self-concept. You have a self-concept for every area of your life that you consider important. This mini-self-concept determines how you think, feel, and perform in that area. For example, you have a self-concept for how healthy and fit you are. You have a self-concept for how likable and popular you are with others. You have a self-concept for what kind of a spouse or parent you are, for how good a friend you are to your friends, how smart you are and how well you learn. You have a self-concept for every sport you play, and for every activity you engage in, including how well you drive your car.

You have a self-concept for how well you do your work, and for how well you do each part of your work. You have a self-concept for how much money you make and how well you save and invest it. This is a critical area. The fact is that you can never earn much more or less than your self-concept level of income. If you want to make more money, you have to change your beliefs about yourself relative to income and money.

Redesign your Self Concept…

Stay Blessed


Caroline MarshThe truth about me…..
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Lifestyle, Choice, Freedom, you name it….


My weekend update!

I am so passionate about seeing others create their world of possibilities, I simply love what i do and it gives me a sense of fulfilment everytime i do what others might call work, I call it lifestyle.

 Friday, saturday was hectic i had to get myself to London and speak at the Franchise Show.  First things first, I dropped of my son at School (which by the way I love to do and so does he when i drop him). 

The same weekend we had a strategic empowering session with my mastermind group, I am so proud of the group, they are really playing game to win its exciting to witness.

Back home Saturday evening and watched Roary the Racing car with my son and had a chuckle.

Sunday message was awesome. It was such a lovely day my loving husband took us for a lovely pub lunch in our local village.

I love what I do.

At the Franchise Exhibition show I shared my story that always reminds me of the day that my life turned around.

5 Years ago i was in that seat listening to a speaker (Steve Bolton) talk about starting a business in property and today I am that speaker, I stepped out in faith, very much afraid and did it any way. 

The one thing i know is that opportunity knocks at your door, but its whether or not you will open the door and allow opportunity to work through us.

This week i encourage you to pay attention to the opportunity knocking at the door of your life.

If you want to do what you love to do and are called to do then pay attention to opportunity

Stay Blessed


 If you do nothing else reread my blueprint “7 Secrets of Success” if you don’t have a copy visit www.carolinemarsh.com

Caroline MarshLifestyle, Choice, Freedom, you name it….
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Winning after 18 years….

At the beginning of the football season, very few people knew them,there past, their vision and reason they are playing, today everyone joins in their celebration in awe of their achievement! Many will learn about the disaster that struck a nation 18 years ago, the pain and hurt when Zambia lost almost the whole team of players in a plane crash in Libreville. So many lessons to learn from the team.

Things in life happen that cause people to loose confidence in themselves, in others, and sometimes just loose hope all together, There comes a time we have to pick up the pieces and start to build what was stripped away from us, Always learning adjusting, and playing a different game, playing to win.

The lessons I want to share are

1. Dream Again, just because things fell apart does not mean you can never make it again, there is a dream stealer out there holding you back by pointing at your past and inadequacies. Visualise to win the next game , see it in your mind’s eye, see the things you hope for as if they are already are. Have a clear picture of what your life will look like.

2. Find Group of People you need to work with to win the game, like minded people who see what you see.

3. Get a Coach or Captain who understands the game, someone who has been there, done it and can show you the strategies, someone who can see what the opposition see and cant see.

4.Begin to Craft your Art, become excellent at what you do. Practice makes permanent, practice winning, over and over again, when you play, play like a winner. begin to practice without an audience.

5. Study your Opposition, every time you play, study them and find ways to beat their current skill.

6. Face the Giants, no matter what armour they are wearing, you know your stuff, Just do it! Whatever crowd they have cheering them on, you have learned to play even without an audience, that wont intimidate you.

7. Ask for God’s help, there is someone greater, who hears your prayers every time you pray. When you win be sure to thank him.

That is the game winners play when they play the business game,I am so proud to be Zambian. Well done Zambia

Don’t just spectate, pick up the pieces in your life and start to live again. Look at your mistakes and failures as lessons in life, after all we have all failed at something, as they say “if you have never failed you have never really lived”

Stay blessed

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Caroline MarshWinning after 18 years….
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