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Do Olympians train to win or participate?

I believe every athlete trains to win and wins the race in their mind before the actual run.

Here is the secret:

“Rehearse the win in your mind”  

I first came across the principle through Denis Waitely.

  • Visual Motor Rehearsal
    • Visual Motor Rehearsal has been done by NASA and the US Olympic Team to help them
    • enhance their performances.
    • It is the practice of performing events in your head prior to the actual performance and has
    • been shown to raise standards tremendously, whether physical or mental.

The athletes were then hooked up to a sophisticated biofeedback machine, and its results told the real story about the value of visualization. The same muscles fired in the same sequence as when they were actually running on the track! 

This proved that the mind can’t tell the difference between whether you’re really doing something or whether it’s just a practice. Denis Waitley says if you have been their in the mind you your body can go there.

The same principle works in business. Play and replay the winning game of your business, plan and begin to act on your Plan of Action.

The key is for you to do the mental work first, establish success deep down and then replay Success. Put images around of what your success looks like, walk it, think it, talk it.

When i started out in Property I had to believe in my heart that, success was possible for me. It does not happen the first day you start the visualisation process, you keep at it until you know that you know that you know! Renew the mind by reprogramming the mind.

Together with an amazing woman Amanda Wells we have just Launched a new venture, “GEM women”, Global Entrepreneur Mastermind Women.  A few weeks back we were strategising on how we can begin to engage with the people we will meet on our GEM Tour “Australia & New Zealand”. 

The conclusion was social networking, Mini Workshops and offering free Business tele seminars (This by the way is due to start in Mid August and September if you want to be part of free business session then join our Facebook community. Shhhhh I just let you in our strategy before its officially launched in 2 weeks). 

Anyway 2 days ago i got an email from a lady who is in New Zealand and is looking for a Mentor, she purposed in her heart to start a business a few months back. The one thing she prayed about was a business mentor. She knows what she would like to do but needs to stand on the shoulder of a giant. As she was searching she came across our Tour to New Zealand and she excitedly emailed me to express her excitement on how timely, but guess what not only did she come across us, she is the first one to have a free business session strategy we were planning. Thats the power of Visualisation and purpose in the heart.!!

So why don’t you try it! see it, believe it, and take action, visualising what you want and train to become.

 Action might mean seeking mentoring, sales training, writing your marketing strategy, whatever you will need to get your desired goal and results. I always say, do what you have to do and let God do the rest.

Wherever you are in the world watch and enjoy the 2012 Olympics hosted in London 

Stay blessed and speak soon 



Caroline MarshDo Olympians train to win or participate?