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Finding Your Passion

Being in business or even finding the career that is right for you, one important thing you should focus on is your Passion. It’s one thing to do what you have to do but it’s better that you love what you’re doing. Passion for work or business or even anything we do separates the mediocre from what’s possibly the best. Before you start venturing into something that  you will be doing for a long time, it is important to ask yourself this question…

“Is this my passion?” “Will I be able to love doing this for long?”

To find your passion we must look at two areas of your life. These are your STRENGTHS and your VALUES.

When your actions are not reflecting your strengths and values, what do you feel?

Powerful? Or Powerless?

You fail when you find yourself in a work/business that says little about your values, your thought and feelings. This kind of situation causes you to feel tied up in a routine that is too far away from your own personality, usually causing you to feel bored and unfulfilled. You feel trapped because your days aren’t exciting or adventurous. When you deny your thoughts and feelings you will find your work is difficult and boring, regardless of how much money you make,

Your hobbies and interests tell so much about your strengths and values. Check on your old self, rather than research, do a self-search.

The emptiness that many people feel comes out of guilt and shame over past experiences of failure, whether they’re own or those of other people. They feel fear, believing there is no possibility of being successful doing what they love and therefore they only give half of their hearts to it. Then of course, failure becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.


Finding your passion means letting go of the monsters of the past.

When you liberate yourself from negative thoughts that were born out of unpleasant past experiences, you will become more open to experiences that will transform you into a more mature individual, someone who is willing to accept the personal responsibility of Changing their life to achieve desired goals. 


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Caroline MarshFinding Your Passion