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Focusing and acting on your dream, How prepared are you?

The month of January is full of expectancy and excitement for greater experience, my question is how prepared are you?

For you to have the results you want by the end of the year, you need to have a Vision and a step by step plan on how to achieve your goals, this plan is important:  be it, personal, business, health, relationship or spiritual goals. The key is planning and focusing on goal achieving activities rather than tension relieving activities. 

One of my health goals was to get a personal trainer, and like everything I had to be specific on what results I wanted in 3 months and maintain that lifestyle. Rather than being vague (i.e. I want to loose weight).  I was specific with parts of my body I want to work on, the weight i want, and my health lifestyle.  

So I sat and planned what what I wanted to achieve (Goal), By when (time frame), Whose Help I needed to achieve my target (support) Obstacles and how to overcome them (challenges), All that has to get done to achieve goal ( activities e.g. training, health plan etc) prioritised activities and incorporated them in my day to day plan (plan) and took action ( Act on your Goals KEY TO SUCCESS). 

My personal trainer Jerel is an amazing coach, not only does he know his stuff, he is a professional footballer and so I am being trained by the best. Having the best coach is amazing because they push you, they are your accountability partner. I am committed to 3 times a week and a health nutrition plan. The key to my success is not just about having the best coach but working the plan. I was given a plan and I have to work it, I have to turn up and do all the work whether he is watching or not ( commitment) , I have to have good food and lots of water all day and no Carbohydrates after 4pm. I am committed to seeing great results in the next 9 weeks. 

How prepared are you? Have you set yourself goals with specific time frames? Have you de-chunked them? What obstacles or challenges are between you and the goal? Have you identified whose help you will need? What are all the activities that have to get done to achieve your goal? Once you have all the information prioritise them and write an action plan working on high priority activities. Take action everyday and have lots of fun.

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Caroline MarshFocusing and acting on your dream, How prepared are you?