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Global Markets Webinar (Notes)

The mentoring was an overview of Global markets, what it takes to be successful in business and back to basics budgeting.

We had Michael and Augusta on the call who delivered part of the mentoring program. 

We will endeavor to make it as practical as possible for all attendees.  This will be your opportunity to ask specific questions/challenges and we will share ideas on overcoming those obstacles and to get you a step closer to success.

Please find below outlined notes

These notes are variable indispensable tools and strategies which every business should have. It is a lack of these tools that often lead to inaccuracies and eventually failure. Every business should have plans that act as guiding principles; these plans should be worked on, adjusted and adapted continually to guarantee success.

1. Vision, Values & Goals

Vision = Helps you see

Values = Boundaries

Goals = Clarity

The first step in Creating your DREAM is to know what you want, where you are going and what is important to you. Dreams are powerful, they pull you in times of adversity, give you reason to push on, and they also act as a catalyst in starting the adventure of pursuing greatness for your life. My husband and I were dreaming about the impact we want to make in our lives, looking at the decisions and choices we have made in the past, Designing and Redesigning. It was so powerful we went to bed nearly midnight and 5am I was up taking steps towards the dream. If you don’t like what you see, change it….

Goals help us see the destination. Knowing your destination increases your focus. Knowing your destination allows you to make wiser choices, save precious time and energy if you don’t know where you are going, any road is going to get you there.

I will be releasing a powerful book in a few weeks that will help you achieve your goals, manage your time, life and money. Stay tuned for it, this is a very important tool.

Let me give you a metaphor for that.

If you need to drive from London to Liverpool, what do you do? The first thing you are going to do is enter the destination in your GPS Sat Nav. Then you are going to see the route you have to take. However most people simply decide where they want to go and get in the car and start driving. That is a recipe for disaster.


Most people spend more time planning their summer holidays than they do planning their lives. A business has to have a business plan. Reflect on its strategy continuously Articulate its mission and its guiding values.

2. Love What You Do and develop the Desire to Serve others. The Role of a business is to Find the NEED and FILL the NEED + Desire to make a difference in people’s lives. You need to look for your PASSION and use it to improve not only yours but other people’s lives as well.

3. Becoming the King of your Kingdom (Influential) Strategise on Your “U” Factor. You need creativity to see what’s out there and to shape it to your advantage. Creativity to look at the world with a different set of eyes, looking at The “U” Factor, ask yourself “what can I offer that ‘they’ aren’t offering?”

Where’s the niche that hasn’t been developed? Tax savings for Property Investors, Personal development programs for Children/ Elderly. You will need to have the guts to dare be different and do it! Look at inefficiency of the market and find out what would make this process more convenient.  Most people hear of different ideas and they jump to do the exact same, think of the slight edge! (Develop mental muscle Capacity to think creatively).

4. Having a Business Model Core entry/lead product and further products eg. coke, Fanta grape, Sprite etc. Bakery bread, croissants, rolls, etc Ida nursery teaching now providing other services to same children. Run events, you will think of what else to offer your clients, aim for repeat customers.

5. Business Mindset Build Character Become Unstoppable, Bounce-back, Overcoming Obstacles, Life Management, Goal Oriented, Action and Result Oriented, thinking outside your box mind!

6.Learn what it takes to grow your business! (Business in a Box Strategy).

As a business owner you need to develop Business Processes and Systems. For a business to grow, it needs to have the potential to be Replicated, to replicate it you need to Systemise and that means you need to Document every step of your business. Every detail of your business has to be on paper. 

Once your business has been tested tried and proven, you can grow it by:

Franchise it:

This is the model my business partner/ Mentor Steve Bolton used. He started property a  business and taught other people how to do it until the model was perfected that he created systems on every process and began teaching others such as myself.  You pay him a fee, he teaches you and continue to provide support over a period of time helping you grow.  As part of the service you commit to paying a small fee for the duration of your relationship, in my case 5 years. 

Multi Level Marketing Strategy ( MML)

You find people who believe in your product and train them to operate as business owners except the Products are not there own. This system helps you expand exponentially selling products whilst raising the product profile. Great examples would be Jamie Oliver Pamper parties (UK) Mary Kay products (global) forever Living (global) these are the main big brands known.  On the other hand I mentored faye who has a range of amazing beauty products (shabby chic look) and she has started parties in view to find other distributors Eden Aromatic(Her Website). If you are into beauty and would like to start your own business then check out her website, this is the fasted way to start, Run and Manage a business, find someone who has done it and learn from them.

Train the Trainer Services eg Mary Kay.

7. Understand the Basic Fundamentals a Precise Cutting Edge Marketing strategies Effective Marketing strategy Effective Promotion of services to your ideal customer base. Business Blueprint Know Your Numbers, Sales Strategy Master the art of helping buyers make a buying decision and close the sale. Build relationships to grow your business. Your job is to grow a customer base through building relationships.

If you don’t spend time building relationships via networks that is a formula for failure Formula for failure Procrastination Analysis Paralysis Fear just do it!

Lack of planning – Lack of knowledge Poor sales skills.

Poor Product or services Lack of Clarity on Customer base, Niche, Marketing Strategy.

Inability to Scale the business Poor Cash-flow Management Rewrite the program.

  • Write 3 things you want, why have you not achieved yet?
  • What is standing in between you and your goal?
  • How can you overcome the challenge?
  •  Whose support will you need?
  •  What characteristics will you have to develop?

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Caroline MarshGlobal Markets Webinar (Notes)