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Another busy couple of weeks!

Following my last meeting with the Mayor, he introduced me to a group of African women in Swindon who are focused on making a difference in the community and I have now volunteered to help them. I didn’t mention anything about the Secret Millionaire, so they only found out last Tuesday, when we all accepted an invitation from Anne Snelgrove, the MP for South Swindon, to meet her at the House of Commons – they were very surprised! We had the privilege of touring the House and getting VIP seats to listen in on some of the debates – it was such an honour to be there – and we spent about 45 minutes talking about how we are going to work together. I am just so excited that the Mayor and our MP both want to help us move forward with helping the disadvantaged in Swindon, and we are meeting with them both again in a couple of weeks to talk seriously about what we can all focus on together, and what action we are going to take in the coming months.

On the 18th October I was invited to speak at the Christian Outreach Centre Business Achievers Conference in Berkshire, which was a wonderful experience, not least because it was at this event in 2006 that I first came across Steve Bolton and started my own journey to financial freedom. It was great to be inspired by the other speakers and have the opportunity to also inspire people in return by sharing my own story and highlighting the untapped potential that exists within all of us.

I am now also working alongside a charity called GWR Kids, and from 24th October to 2nd November 19 selfless people are giving their time and effort to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, hoping to raise funds for disadvantaged children in Wiltshire. I admire them so much and wholeheartedly support them, and it was a privilege to send them off with love and a hearty pat on the back last Friday! You can check them out and see how they are doing by going to the website which will have an update on their journey – – and they have a justgiving page if you would like to sponsor their expedition and help the charity.

Life is getting very, very busy, and I am amazed by the number of people still writing to me with suggestions about how we can work together – I’m just sorry I can’t help everyone who approaches me.

I have just added Brian Klemmer’s ‘the Compassionate Samurai‘ to my list of recommended reading. Brian teaches people how they can make anything happen and absolutely retain their integrity by operating with an abundance mentality. That belief and principle – that by doing something wholeheartedly and having the strength and courage to persevere, you can achieve a win-win outcome – is probably the greatest principle you can master. I’ve by no means mastered it myself yet, but I’m getting there!

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Caroline MarshAnother busy couple of weeks!
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