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Kingdom Enforcers Conference 2013 – Conference for Leaders

One of the world’s most renowned dynamic and powerful visionary and is also one of my dearest mentor, Dr. Pat Francis will be hosting the “Kingdom Enforcers Conference 2013” 

The “Kingdom Enforcers Conference 2013” is an international gathering of Church, Government, Business, Entrepreneurial and Social leaders for the purpose of helping you “Rule Your World” – Spiritually, Personally, Financially and Socially.

As one of the world’s most dynamic, powerful and spiritual visionary, she is also the founder and Senior Pastor of Kingdom Covenant Ministries & Pat Francis Ministries, Dr. Pat Francis takes the life transforming message of Jesus Christ across the world as an international speaker. Along with a group of dynamic visionaries, pastors and leaders namely Dr. Bill Winston (Founder of Bill Winston Ministries and President and Founder of Faith Ministries Alliance), Prophet James W. Goll (President of Encounters Network, Director of Prayer Storm and the Director of God Encounters Training), Dr. Ian Lovell (Pastor, Principal and Businessman), Eddison Doyle (FCCA, CGA, MBA, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer in Major Global Companies) and Dr. Bill Hamon (Bishop Bill Hamon) will be heading the “Kingdom Enforcers Conference 2013”. It is a global forum where leaders connect and network for inspiration, empowerment, revelation and collaboration for ministry, business and to create solutions. If you believe that it is about time that you put to use your God-given capabilities to help you “Rule Your World” then this event is definitely for you.


– Dr. Pat Francis, Dr. Bill Winston, Dr. Ian Lovell, Prophet James Goll, Dr. Bill Hamon – LIVE STREAM and Online Translation Available

– English and French – Marketplace Expo

– International Business and Networking Luncheon


For more information regarding the event such as SCHEDULES, TESTIMONIES, etc please visit

For attending participants, venue will be the Kingdom Covenant Centre (Kingdom Covenant Ministries) at 1224 Dundas Street East Units 20 – 24 Mississauga, Ontario L4Y 4A2, Canada For Attending Participants & Live Stream Audience – Registration for “Kingdom Enforcers 2013” Live Stream Link – (

I guarantee that this event will be life-changing and will empower you to bring the best out of you as a Leader.

Caroline MarshKingdom Enforcers Conference 2013 – Conference for Leaders
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