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Talk about change in 24hours!

Amazing how your day could change in a matter of seconds! 

I was having lunch with one of my mentors, this was meant to be an hour conversation which ended up in a business deal that has revolutionised my life! 

lessons from my meeting:

1. You must cherish moments with people that inspire you, talk less and listen more, ask questions.

2. Develop an attitude of gratitude, you treat them:-), they are doing you a favour, don’t wait for them to pay for lunch, their time is far more precious than the lunch Serve before you can recieve

3. learn to serve before you can receive, be grateful for the time and all they share with you, ask them how you can serve them, do it as a token of thanks. 

I Had an awesome week and looking forward to an amazing weekend.

Canada was awesome, i love my new family in Canada!

Its all systems go since the Launch of Concept to Cash in Canada. I will have to own a home in Canada I loved it that much and will go there very often.

Now getting ready for Australia and New Zealand, our tour starts on the 23rd October through to November, we will share strategies on wealth creation and wealth retention for GEM Women (Global Entrepreneur Mastermind Women). If you are in the area or have a friend in Australia or New Zealand Check this  out, don’t miss the opportunity that could change your life around!

Have an awesome weekend, Now off to my new home! 

Stay blessed


I love my work!


Caroline MarshTalk about change in 24hours!

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