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The Biggest question “how to get more out of 24hrs”

This is my quickest answer:

Start with your Goal What do you want to achieve That day, week, month, Year etc 

Write down everything that has to get done to achieve the goal EVERYTHING 

Identify Your 80/20 Rule, meaning what 20% should  you be working on to give you the 80% results you want to achieve, Extensively look at the 20% Activities, Resources etc

Identify the Hi priority and Lo priority activities you outlined

Delegate “NOT ABDICATE” All activities that should be done by either experts, team members, associates whoever is working alongside you. Make sure you have systems in place to keep track on performance.

Activities that have no consequences should you not perform them, cross them out 

You eat an Elephant one bite at a time, so don’t be in such a rush to change almost overnight. Most people want to be rich skinny and Happy instantly the moment they realise they need to change their circumstance.

Treasure your time, its the one thing i know your DEFINITELY cannot SAVE for tomorrow.

Always be Grateful, Thankful and have fun while your work.

Stay blessed and Enjoy the Olympics


Caroline MarshThe Biggest question “how to get more out of 24hrs”