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The World Today is Reflecting!

Almost everyone in the world is reflecting on 2012 and hopefully planning 2013. I certainly have spent the last few days looking at the last 12 months. Looking at what worked and celebrating that, looking at what did not work and seeing how can i make adjustments in my life and those around me.

Whatever you do enter 2013 with a grateful heart, be thankful for all you have, opportunities, relationships, health, and most important life!  Make choices that support your purpose, decide to Rule Your World. 

As you enter 2013, choose to forgive those that hurt you and let go of the bad feelings. When you forgive don’t remind others of their past mistakes. Decide to have a happy 2013, no one is charge of your happiness but you.

Look after your health, decide to look after you for your loved ones. A healthier you is much fun than an unhealthy you. Do what it will take for you to be healthy, energetic, effective and fun to be around.

Plan your future, you need to Decide to Design your Destiny. You are a prophet of your own life. Once you decide on what you want, plan on how you will achieve your goals, be prepared to start all over again what is not working, after all “its your life”.

You don’t have to wait till the next year to change what is not working. A plan should be a guide, one you use to adjust and adapt as life unfolds, Always remembering that you planned it and if you don’t like what it looks like “Change it”.

Treasure relationships. Identify key people in your life and plan on how you will build those relationships, both work and personal. One thing i did was look at people in my inner circle, negative and positive people, made adjustments and will move more positive and supporters closer. Life is about choices, you don’t hate others you simply learn to dis-associate yourself with people who won’t support your purpose.

Decide to live a disciplined life, Self control is one of the characteristics you will have to master in 2013, this contributes to living a more fulfilled life. Manage your life and not the other way round.

Above all, have lots of Fun, you don’t have to wait for things to fall in place, you put them in place, whether you have a million Pounds in the bank or £.50p in your purse, you can have fun! 

Wisdom Key: Ask God to help you in 2013

Stay Blessed and Happy New Year, I am looking forward to an amazing 2013 together.





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Caroline MarshThe World Today is Reflecting!